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Milton® EXELAIR® 44-Pc. Pro Air Tool Accessory Kit, Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet, Die Grinder, Blow Gun, Air Hammer, Dual Air Chuck, Tire Gauge w/ Accessories

Milton® EXELAIR® 44-Pc. Pro Air Tool Accessory Kit, Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet, Die Grinder, Blow Gun, Air Hammer, Dual Air Chuck, Tire Gauge w/ Accessories


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UPC Code #: 030937322203
Number of Items in This Pack #: 44

Treat your air compressor with maximum torque-powered air tools and get the ultimate bang for your buck with this EXELAIR® (EX4405KIT) 44-Piece Professional Air Tool and Accessory Kit. Whether you’re looking to try out your Do-It-Yourself skills or need to tackle large industrial projects, this economical and high-performance air kit collection has what it takes to get the job done. Featured pneumatic essentials: Impact wrench (offering up to 500 foot pounds of power, yielding an optimal power-to-weight ratio), ratchet, grinder (25,000 RPM) air hammer (4,500 BPM), and blow gun. Included in this value is a range of additional handy air accessories: Impact sockets, socket extension, adaptor, M-Style® Plugs, inflation needles, 10 grinding stones, chisel/point, spring retainer, 2 hand wrenches, dual air chuck, tire gauge, collet, set of 3 blow gun nozzles, pipe threading tape, and a bottle of pneumatic oil to keep your air tools lubricated and optimized. Complete with a durable storage case. Customized with ergonomic grips and built to last, while still compact and portable enough to keep stowed away in trunks or garages in case of roadside emergencies or general auto/tire maintenance for safety.


- (1) ½” Air Impact Wrench

- (1) ⅜” Air Ratchet Wrench

- (1) ¼” Air Die Grinder

- (1) 0.4" Air Hammer

- (1) Pistol Grip Blow Gun

- (1) Dual Air Chuck

- (1) Tire Gauge (50 PSI)

- (5) M-Style®™ Male Plugs

- (1) M-Style®™ Female Plug

- (2) Hand Wrenches

- (1) Chisel

- (1) Point

- (1) Spring Retainer

- (1) ⅛” Collet

- (10) Grinding Stones

- (2) Sport Inflation Needles

- (6) Drive Metric Impact Sockets: (9, 11, 14, 17, 22, 24 mm)

- (1) 3” x 1/2” Socket Extension

- (1) ⅜” to ½” Socket Adaptor

- (1) Tapered Blow Gun Nozzle

- (1) Safety Blow Gun Nozzle

- (1) Rubber Blow Gun Nozzle

- (1) Bottle of Pneumatic Lubricating Oil

- (1) Roll of Pipe Threading Tape


- Impact Wrench: 500 ft. lbs. Max Torque; 6.5 CFM; 5.9 lbs. Weight.

- Air Ratchet Wrench: 60 ft. lbs. Max Torque; 4 CFM; 160 RPM Max Load Speed.

- Blow Gun: 8 CFM Air Consumption. 90 PSI.

- Die Grinder: 25,000 RPM Max Load Speed. 4 CFM. Collets: ⅛”, ¼”.

- Air Hammer: 4,500 BPM; 4.5 CFM.

- M-Style® Plugs: 1/4" NPT threads, most common standard size.

USE: For Automotive, Industrial, Home Garage, Pro Shop, and DIY pneumatic projects and maintenance.

WARRANTY: 3-Year Limited on Tools

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  • ½” IMPACT WRENCH: 500 ft. lbs. Max Torque; Adjustable forward/reverse power control settings. AIR HAMMER: 4,500 BPM; Includes Chisel/Point Bits.
  • ⅜” AIR RATCHET: 60 ft. lbs. Max Torque; 160 RPM. M-Style® PLUGS: 5 Male, 1 Female. DUAL AIR CHUCK.
  • ¼” AIR DIE GRINDER: 25,000 RPM. Auto maintenance w/throttle lever. 10 grinding stones. TIRE GAUGE: 50 PSI.
  • BLOW GUN: 8 CFM. Set of 3 nozzles (Safety, Tapered, Rubber). IMPACT SOCKETS: W/Extension and Adapter.
  • BONUS: Blow-molded storage case, collet, oil, tape, inflation needles, hand wrenches, spring retainer.
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Manufacturer Milton Industries Inc.
Number of Items in This Pack 44
Number of pieces 44
Product Contents 1/2 in. Air impact wrench, 3/8 in. Air ratchet wrench, 1/4 in. air die grinder, air hammer, heavy-duty blow gun, (5) male M style plug, (1) female M Style plug, sport inflation needle, tapered blow gun nozzle, safety blow gun nozzle, rubber blow gun nozzle, bottle of pneumatic oil, 50 psi tire gauge, pipe threading tape, (10) Grinding stone, (6) 1/2 in. Drive Metric Impact Sockets: 9, 11, 14,17,22,24 mm, 3 x 1/2 in. socket extension, 3/8 into 1/2 in. socket adaptor, chisel, point, spring retainer, Hand wrenches, Dual air chuck, 50 psi tire gauge, 1/8 in. collect
Short Description EXELAIR® by Milton® EX4405KIT (44-Piece Professional Air Tool Accessory Kit) - Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet, Die Grinder, Blow Gun, Air Hammer, Dual Air Chuck, Tire Gauge, and Accessories EXELAIR® by Milton®, 44 piece Air Compressor Tool Kit is ideal for all automotive, DIY and industrial projects. Each tool is designed with comfortable handle grips for long use. For your safety the Ratchet Wrench and Die Grinder are equipped with an adjustable exhaust vent. Increase the power of the tool by using Mega-Flow coupler & plugs SKU#S-303VKIT.
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UPC Code 030937322203