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Milton® 2-in-1 High Volume Hydro and Air Power Cleaning Wand

Milton® 2-in-1 High Volume Hydro and Air Power Cleaning Wand


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Milton®’s High Volume Power Cleaning Wand tool is designed as a 2-in-1 use with both water and air allowing the user to utilize pressurized water or air in cleaning larger items or heavy machinery. Constructed with 15-1/2” industrial tube, this filter cleaning dust wand is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas on a variety of objects including trucks, farm & agriculture equipment, HVAC units, and filtration devices. Our nozzle is specially engineered with extended spray to increase pressure and maximize cleaning by focusing air or water streams exactly where you need it, saving you thousands on repair bills! This wand, used as a high pressure cleaner tool, is the perfect addition to you tools for better performing machines, equipment, and vehicles.


  1. Ergonomic handle grip
  2. Adjustable flow control

  3. For use with water or air

  4. 4-finger grip

  5. Sequenced hole pattern in nozzle

  6. Aluminum tubing

  7. 15-1/2" long wand


  1. User can comfortably hold unit, in use

  2. Allows the user to control the pressure level

  3. Flexibility in application

  4. Users hand fits more naturally with the handle

  5. Provides maximum pressure and flow

  6. Durable material

  7. Provides access to hard-to-reach area


  1. Helps provide greater productivity
  2. User can set the tool to meet particular applications

  3. Air use can be to remove debris; water use can be to remove dirt or grime

  4. User can have more controlled use of the tool

  5. This allows for a more thorough cleaning

  6. Unit won't be compromised if bumped or dropped

  7. Could allow the machine to run better by removing additional obstructions

  • EXTENDS LIFE ON EQUIPMENT: This equipment and engine air or water cleaner is great for any industry: agriculture, construction, automotive, industrial, stationary power and others that requires a powerful, multi-port nozzles to clean Radiator, Condenser, Machine Shop, Machinery, Agriculture and Heavy-duty vehicles
  • HIGH PRESSURE AIR WAND FOR PRECISE CLEANING: Constructed of robust 15-1/2” industrial grade aluminum tube, this air filter cleaner and dust blower thoroughly cleans and blows away debris from inaccessible air filters, Radiator, Condenser, Machine Shop, and Machinery from the inside out and blow debris
  • HIGH PRESSURIZED SPECIALLY-DESIGNED NOZZLE: Our specially-designed nozzle tips increases pressure while providing maximum cleaning
  • 2-IN-1 USAGE CAPABILITY & ADJUSTABLE FLOW: Our industrial cleaner wand has the capability to be used as a high pressure washer wand and air blow tool to blow or wash away debris and grime on a variety of objects. Equipped with adjustable flow control - 125 PSI Max Inlet Pressure
  • DURABL, COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Easy and convenient pistol grip handle for ergonomic feel, precise air control and lightweight to avoid injury and strain to your wrist/arm
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