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Milton® COLORFIT® Coupler & Plug Kit - (T-Style, Blue) - 1/4" NPT (14-Piece)

Milton® COLORFIT® Coupler & Plug Kit - (T-Style, Blue) - 1/4" NPT (14-Piece)


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 Milton® 14-Piece T-Style Color Fit now offers a customized color-coded system that allows for easy matching of couplers and plugs, among the range of standard Industrial pneumatic air coupler quick connects. Great way to solve that annoying problem of potential cross-contamination between different air lines. By dedicating certain colors to different air lines, this will eliminate the risk of mixing a lubricated line with a dry air line which will prolong your applications and help to quickly finish any project. Each piece is coated with Anodized Blue aluminum and heavy-duty steel sleeves to prevent scratches or dulling of the coupler and plug after use. Compared to Legacy® ColorConnex® A72457C.

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  • 6 Male Plugs
  • 4 Female Plugs
  • 2 Male Couplers
  • 2 Female Couplers
PUT COLOR TO USE IN YOUR SHOP: Easily match couplers to the right plugs using color, (blue to blue)- no more guessing. Use color to distinguish between air lines, such as lubricated vs. non-lubricated, or high pressure vs. low pressure.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT DESIGN: Durable patent-pending steel sleeve design outlasts the competition by putting steel where you need it most. Milton® uses an advanced, proprietary anodizing process.

COMPATIBILITY: ColorFit® T-style couplers and plugs are compatible with traditional Milton® T-style couplers and plugs, competitor T-style couplers and plugs, and competitor blue couplers and plugs. All threaded connections are 1/4" NPT.

SPECIFICATIONS: Do not exceed 300 PSI. For use with compressed air only.

Warranty: 1 year

**Disclaimer: Milton® is NOT affiliated with Legacy® ColorConnex®- X-Flow.
  • T-STYLE: Milton® T-style, ColorFit® T-style, + blue competitor T couplers/plugs are all compatible!
  • DURABLE: Scratch-resistant steel design in an anodized coating for optimal wear vs. aluminum sleeves
  • EASY MATCH: Use color to distinguish between air lines (e.g. high pressure vs. low pressure).
  • COLOR: Blue to Blue matching - (T) aircoupler/plug fittings, easy push to connect.
  • INCLUDES: 6 Male plugs, 4 Female plugs, 2 Male couplers, + 2 Female couplers (all 1/4" NPT)